Become a Member

Our library is part of the Buckinghamshire County Council Libraries partnership and membership is free.

To become a full library member please call into the library with proof of your name, current address and signature, such as a driving licence, allowance book or bank statement. You’ll then be provided with a membership card.

If you don’t have all your ID to hand you can still borrow straight away by taking the Quick route. Quick membership allows you to borrow a smaller number of items by showing just one form of identity. You can upgrade to full membership at a later date. Please ask staff at your local library for details.

Under 18s can download a membership form here to complete.

If you’re 18 or older you may join the library online by clicking here (there’s a link on that page to indicate that you accept the membership conditions). If you already have a library membership card, you do NOT need to join the online library as you already have access to it.

If you don’t have a PIN, please contact us or use the ‘Forgot your PIN’ option. To access our e-content and online subscriptions you’ll need to collect your library card from the library so that you can log in with your library card number and PIN.

You’ll receive a temporary membership number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) straight away which will enable you to reserve items from our catalogue (there’s a small reservation charge to pay when you visit the library). Requested items will be kept for you at your chosen library for 10 days and we’ll notify you by email when they’re ready for you to collect.

Conditions of membership

To borrow items you must present your library membership card.

You can choose up to 20 items at a time.

Books and audiobooks can be borrowed for three weeks, CDs, DVDs, Magazines and Games can be borrowed for one week.

Books and magazines are free to borrow.

There are small hire charges for audio-visual items. Current library hire charges.

You can renew items up to four times, if they’re not requested by another customer, by:

  • Visiting any Buckinghamshire County Council library (including mobile) (membership card required);
  • Using our online library service – Spydus (membership card and PIN required);
  • Calling our staff on 01296 382415 (have your membership number to hand);
  • Calling the Bucks County Council automated 24 hour renewal line on 0303 123 0035 (membership card and PIN required)

Items may be borrowed from and returned to any Buckinghamshire County Council Library.

A reservation service is available Current reservations charges .

There are charges for the late return of items. You must inform us if you change your address or name.

Please report lost membership cards to us immediately. You’ll be held responsible for any items borrowed before the loss is reported.

You agree to reimburse the library for the cost of any items lost or damaged whilst in your care.

Buckinghamshire Libraries (including Beacon Villages Community Library) are part of the South East Library Management System (SELMS) Consortium. Your borrower record will be held on a shared database but your details will only be available to staff in another authority if you choose to borrow or reserve items from that authority. If you have any questions, staff at the library will be happy to explain.

All data is held strictly in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1997 (as amended).