eLibrary PIN changes

Due to a security alert concerning one of our third party eLibrary providers Buckinghamshire Libraries have increased the library PIN length from 4 to 6 digits.  This means that new customers registering now, or anyone changing their PIN, will need to enter 6 numbers.

Yous are allowed five attempts to enter their PIN correctly, before your account is automatically blocked. This will happen if you are logging directly into the Spydus online catalogue, onto a public PC, or if you’re entering your card and PIN into an eLibrary app such as Libby.

The message you will see in Spydus is ‘Your account has been locked as you attempted to log on incorrectly too many times. Your account will automatically be reactivated in 30 minutes.’ The block applied will now automatically lift after 30 minutes have elapsed. This should help you if you struggle to log on, particularly when libraries are closed, as you will be able to reset your own PIN and get up and running after a short delay.

The ability to reset your own library PIN is reliant on your borrower record having your up to date email address.